Vegan Lentil Masala

(GF, oil free, sugar free) This recipe is adapted from Red Lentil Masala with Spinach from This is a meal I would make weekly. It is SO good! SO GOOD. The key is pinch of yum's masala paste, found here: I always have some of this masala paste in the freezer to make … Continue reading Vegan Lentil Masala

Pasta Bowls!

This has been a fun meal my whole family enjoys. Again, with the bowls. Seriously. Flexible, simple meals free of complaining. This particular bowl is highly adaptable... choose your pasta: regular, gluten-free, egg, shapes... You can do Alfredo bowls or Marinara bowls, or olive oil and herb bowls, or offer all of those as toppings. … Continue reading Pasta Bowls!

Mediterranean Bowls

A dinner that's quickly becoming a favorite in our home is Mediterranean Bowls...  Perhaps because I am a huge fan of all things BOWL.  This is like deconstructed casserole, my friends, or like a small scale buffet.  And the best part is I can actually make one easy meal and every. single. person. loves. it. … Continue reading Mediterranean Bowls